What is the Membership Contribution?

The RRG requires that you purchase a share of stock in the company; this is not insurance.  We set it up this way to give our Affiliates two distinct advantages:

  1. We offer a policy created by CrossFit, LLC and the Affiliates that doesn’t restrict, cancel or non-renew you because you are doing CrossFit.  Member Affiliates have a say in the underwriting and design of the RRG policy by having representation on the Board of Directors. 
  2. We handle claims differently than a typical insurer.  Claims within the RRG are defended and coordinated by CrossFit LLC's legal team.  Their sole purpose is to defend Affiliates, and they don’t back down from a fight that should be fought for the good of the CrossFit Community.

The total contribution is $1,000 for Affiliates and it must be paid in full within the first 5 years of membership.  This amount can be split by paying a minimum of $50 for each of the first four years of membership, with the remainder due on year 5.  The total contribution is $200 for Trainers.

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