Why do I need Participant Accident insurance?

Participant Accident coverage is important for any fitness facility, and is required as a member of the CrossFit RRG.  It allows affiliate owners to pay for any member's medical bills due to injuries sustained at your box.  While Liability coverage pays for claims once a demand is made or a lawsuit is filed, Accident coverage is no-fault and pays for injuries regardless of negligence.  Participant Accident coverage is in excess of the injured party’s existing health insurance.  It covers out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles for them with a $25,000 limit per accident.

With this coverage we are trying to accomplish 4 things for affiliates. 

  •        If your member gets hurt, you can pay their medical bill and keep them coming back to train at your box.  This gesture of goodwill may prevent legal action.
  •        We can stop unnecessary lawsuits and claims by preemptively paying for injuries. 
  •        Utilizing Participant Accident coverage will keep Liability rates low for all affiliates. 
  •        Assets of CrossFit RRG will be even more protected, eventually leading to lower rates and less insurance cost for the community.

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