How do I cancel my policy?

In order to process a policy cancellation, there is some information that we will need.  Please contact us with the following and note that we can not cancel your policy until we have received this information:

  1. What is the effective date of this cancellation? (must be today or in the future)
  2. What is the reason for cancellation?
  3. Please provide the mailing address where you would like any returned premium sent, if applicable.
  4. Please provide the name to which you would like us to process a returned premium check, if applicable.

Once we receive your responses, we will process a cancellation proposal which will indicate if there is a return premium amount due on your account.  You will need to accept the cancellation proposal within 3 days in order to process this change to your account.  If you do not approve the cancellation proposal, we will not process the cancellation or return premium.  In addition, if you exceed the 3 day time frame, you will receive less of your prorated return premium since we must update the cancellation proposal with a current date. 

Please note: If you financed your premium, any return premium will be sent to the finance company to settle your loan amount.  Once your balance has been paid, they will refund the remainder to you via mail.

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