What is the CrossFit RRG?

Our program was created by CrossFit in 2009. We now have over 2,800 affiliates and trainers who are insured by the CrossFit RRG.

CrossFit RRG provides Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability. The RRG is operated by Nexo Insurance Services, which can provide Business Personal Property coverage and Participant Accident insurance. These coverages meet the requirements of CrossFit and most tenant lease agreements. To be a member of the RRG means that you are also a shareholder in the company. 

The RRG requires that you purchase a share of stock in the company; this is not insurance. We set it up this way to give our affiliates two distinct advantages. One, we offer a policy created by CrossFit and the affiliates that doesn't restrict, cancel or non-renew you because you are doing CrossFit. Member affiliates have a say in the underwriting and design of the RRG policy by having representation on the Board of Directors. And two, we handle claims differently than a typical insurer. Claims within the RRG are defended and coordinated by the CrossFit legal team. Their sole purpose is to defend affiliates, and they don't back down from a fight that should be fought for the good of the CrossFit community.

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