Where can I learn more about the CrossFit RRG?

CrossFit RRG regularly updates its members by utilizing the CrossFit Journal. Below you can find all articles published by our team.

Strong Gets Stronger: CrossFit RRG

CrossFit Inc. Victorious in Texas: CrossFit RRG helps John McPherson and P3 CrossFit set precedent by fighting off rhabdomyolysis lawsuit.

CrossFit and Insurance: Protect Yourself

CrossFit Risk Retention Group Inc. Announces Premium Reduction, Claims-Free Discount

Injuries and Affiliates: Have a Plan

Flooring: What Lies Beneath

Does Your Insurance Agent Even Lift?

Gym Owner to Insurer: “You Lied to Me.”

CrossFit, Inc. and CrossFit No Shelter Victorious at Trial

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