Do you offer Health Insurance?

No, we do not provide health insurance. 

As a benefit to our members, we do offer a program called WellCard which provides a discount on medical services (like doctor visits) and products (like your prescriptions), at no additional cost to you or them. This program can be used by the owners, your employees and even your gym members, so please feel free to share it!

To give you some information about this program, we connected with a network that has access to health care providers, pharmacies, etc. By using their network, WellCard makes money from the providers. They aggregate as much business as possible to their network which allows them to give groups like CrossFit RRG a discount. The service is free because WellCard makes money from the providers, not from the person who receives the medical treatment. It acts like a supplement to your existing health care, and has even provided discounts for some people who were without insurance.

Once registered, you will receive your own card (and there's even a handy app that carries your information for those who don't want more cards in their wallet), and you will need to present it to your doctor or pharmacist. The discount should be applied at the time of purchase, not as a reimbursement.

Contact us for more information about Wellcard.

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