What is Premium Match?

Premium Match is a program released by CrossFit RRG in March 2021.  It allows the CrossFit RRG to match the cost of a CrossFit Affiliate's existing policy with another insurance company.  This ensures that each Affiliate is receiving the best coverage at the lowest price.

When you choose CrossFit RRG for your Affiliate’s insurance needs, you are getting more than the traditional insurance policy.  You are also becoming a member and shareholder of the RRG.  This provides exclusive benefits for our policyholders:

1. Get access to CrossFit experts who have handled CrossFit-specific claims for 10+ years.

2. CrossFit Affiliate Owners, like you, decide whether a claim is covered.

3. Train anywhere and do online classes with no geographical restriction in the USA.

4. Get business done WORRY-FREE.  Your policy includes a $250,000 per occurrence limit for Communicable Disease claims.

To utilize Premium Match, apply for insurance by clicking here and selecting APPLY NOW.  Once submitted, send a copy of your competing quote or policy to staff@crossfitrrg.com.  Our team will review the document and update any eligible quotes within one business day. 

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